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I was going so hard on this song my head hurt after the studio session

All lights out, this is my moment
Mind searing hot but I can’t fuckin show it
Life lined up on the mirror I didn’t fuckin blow it
Nobody cares about me I didn’t fucking notice
Bonus cuz my mental has gone sociopathic
Cant heal from this pharma or homeopathic
Guess I have to gather all my anger and attack it
Gather all of this hatred and just fucking blast it
This is it
One last shot
It’s this or suicide
Either way
I’ll never be the same
I’ve felt lonely inside for sixteen fucking years
I’ve had to sustain myself by drinking my own tears
But as the world fades and I lose the ability to hear
I’m hoping and praying for some kind of spirit to appear
It never fucking does because this is real life of course
My mind is a bunker and I’ve barricaded the doors
All these skeletons in my closet hiding in the floorboards
I hear these motherfuckers rattling and my anxiety soars
Heart and mind sore from keeping this rage down inside
I know I have the potential to free and awaken a thousand minds
Paranoia burning away hope it don’t come back down the line
Criticize this fucking dick if you don’t like this sound of mine
Overclocking my whole mind that shits a nootropic
Put my hands together and pray that ima trending topic
Knowing this isn’t the peak of me I can always top it
As the trauma builds over years all I can scream is “stop it”

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