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Kundalini rising I'm inside the pilot flying to the pineal horizon,
Demons whining as I battle on the saddle of a three headed lion,
My dharma climbing,
exit my body and see my mama crying,
Archons are lying running from the light kid,
I pierce the veil changing morphogenetic fields,
Torture your head for real open the seven seals,
Enter Agartha inhale the smell of the fauna,
Watch me alter with the altar open up my coffer,
It contains Euclidean spaces that never falter,
Don't need an hourglass,
I stand in sand and count a trillion grains just to make an hour pass,
I can outlast the vaxxes military tactics psychotropic madness,
See I'm always laughing The psyops are average,,
The file they keep on me is longer then the Talmud,
Toss the sephiroths in trash dude,
I'm Chilling with reptilians molt and release mad fumes,
Penetrate that snake and fertilize her tainted womb,,
In nine months 333 I meet my moon child,
13 is eating me impending doom now,
I'm an illusion a schizophrenic delusion,
Like project blue beam see reality fusing,,
Quantum computers accessing the future,
These Diviners working non stop to forward the Kali yuga,
cells on the surface and the streets are veins,
As above so below never hinder faith,
If you Wonder where you came from just look up at the stars
They say the truth will set you free yet I'm stuck behind my bars,,

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