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I'm in between that bread like cold cuts
No Peter Pan cause the young boy grown up
Rap like Ski Mask cause my flow tough
Bro I'm allergic, please don't go nuts
They go Brady when I rap, they throw stuff
Big in Chi-Town but I'm not Sosa
All dem boys saw me they froze up
What's that mess on the floor? That's yo guts
I'm just playin, I'm not a killa
Y'all too fake when I couldn't get realer
Howie Mandel, I move like a dealer
Rings on rings I look like a Steeler
I could bag 11s but I'm not Mike Wheeler
Off my phone if I don't feel her
The gas price high but I still fill up
On y'all apes, we going gorilla
Got the opps on they knees that is no Kaepernick
Me and the money we never get seperate
Holding the pen so you see what the weapon is
I feel like Steph because I cannot ever miss
I get my words in more mouths than a peppermint
Ask when I lied on a song, I never did
Had to go after em, no longer pessimist
She my ride or die like we in a car crash
I got backstage passes cause I'm tryna see the bands
Rappers go on Maury just to find out that I'm not they dad
Music so addictive like that thing they make on Breaking Bad
Hah, hah, hah, got me laughing, you the jester now
I get cheese faster than a cheetah, I'm like Chester now
I been making schemes for the money like I'm Lester now
Most Improved Player of the Year cause I'm better now
Bum bum bum bum bum all I see are scrubs
Dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb y'all don't know enough
Do not come to me when you broke and you got no funds
Lately I been on my Derrick Rose because I'm the 1

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