first rhymes

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rippity rap pat get the pad and write some rhymes and attack smoke a blunt
with the president who Misrepresents the whole system roll the dough till
Diego comes in and say ayyy amigo dont let your ego simmer till we finish
dinner Politicians eating nicely like republican's feasting on turkey
dont smash the Pentagon please like the winter freeze we asked nicely
but the power shut off and people dropped and give up like texas weather
i swear everyones bipolar slow down to a halt and breath you only live once
and you need to see as a necessity to leave but you dont need to be
sweating cause like i said life is beautiful you run youll miss it uh baby
momma drama karma got you locked down in a drum huh neva gonna see
my Abe again for it is the last time i shotta inna movie 13 years a slave
get it abe Lincoln Supervision is key thats why we got 16 bodies guarding
me I'm already free as i cracked the mindset of poverty and loosey rhymes
Widespread dissertation of rap that's dissection so Aristocrats can judge me
no sir ree hungary take the knee who bites at me

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