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hit it with no condom
Then I pulled out with the wrist.
i think we have a problem
and her period just missed
we really have to pardon man
the fact that you just missed
and the only chance you had
you aint even get a kiss.
I'm churning up milk and I'm make it into butter
im tryna to get up there but i think i got a stutter
she really tryna fuck, man i really need to cut her
but if i give her away, then she livin the gutter
i gotta bitch named sandy
she packing and dandy
the blunts smelling like those little
green asiain candies
that 12 dollar brandy
steve but not stanley
yaboi on the top of the mountain in the andes
hitting from the top
its that media
shits a little sweet
did you put a little stevia
twice did i hit from the left to right
and yo sister talking shit, while im getting at it thrice
im scaring the life outta you like im huggy
I got the sharp teeth and you feeling real sluggy
The knife hit you chest hit a charm but im lucky
and hit at Wisconsin, but i like kentucky

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