Asking me about you Ivos Ft Str1de

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How do I explain it,
When I get asked why we faded,
time apart you couldn’t wait it
My mentaI I couldn’t weigh it
Changes were on the horizon
Marriage was on my mind set
Patience wasnt on your time stamp
Reminiscent of our time spent
Loved every dam moment
Baby you were really god sent
I thought you were chosen
To fill this void that I was missing
I went from hating bitches
to loving me this angel
You healed me gave me stitches
Gave me love from every anglek
Measured up to cross these bridges
Then got in a reck tangled
11:11 I got my wishes
Falling deep can be fatal
Now I’m feeling like a failure
For giving up on you and me
Still have hope it was meant to be
Hope that you can finally see
That You deserved so much better
I couldn’t give you at this time
Certain things you did triggered
And didn’t help me ease my mind
Perfect don’t mean it’s working
I really just wana hit rewind
To our first year now that was perfect
And leave this last year behind

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