if only u knew (rough draft)

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they thought i quit, im still kicken
so faded I forgot what i be sippin
itching for a hit of that limited edition
if you didnt get the memo, im finna let go
this aint a demo, issa demotlition
i can tell u settle for less
thats what its givin
the future hella digital
so, I'm countin digits
you countin minutes that you wasted
success so fucking close that I can taste it
who you kidding? u were never even famous
it aint complicated. all u bitches basic
to me
_______this track is 100% self-produced_______
unreleased verse:
im on my solos
yo bitch wanna photo or 3
you claim u steady
but u dont even know whatchu need
i been ready
for whatever u be throwing at me
I got a boatload of motives
and more than one is a moment
that i was broke and alone
so i only owe it to me
i only owe it me
(wait for the album 💗)

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