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Yeah I've been in the trenches, missiles are the letter I'm sending
I'm feeling extra tremendous, tell me what's better than vengeance
Thinking your testing my penmanship shit you best think again then
I've left all the best in the dust when I Rev up the engines
Vroom vroom lyrics so saucy like boom boom
You can assume gloom for you soon and doom too
Cause your shit stinks like a bathrooms fumes
hearing your lyrics leave me with a screw loose like shrooms do
You're at your lowest tides when toe to toe with Tyson
Blow for blow we might see but your K-O's more likely
And when you are in the E R, I will see to it
That you O D on your I V, what should I sneak through it?
Cyanide and fentynal are what i could fill each tube with
But the words i use to murder you dont even need music
Imma terrorist spraying at a fair, i aim at everyone there, I'm crazy
I dare to say i'm fairly Shady, and your odds are slim
I punch more than a boxing gym, you fools can barely take it
And it's pretty rare there's a miss when my swears get flailing
So in despair your bailing, cause those lines don't fly, this aint parasailing
You're bananas thinking a pair of faggots could square up a-gainst
Malcolm, you'll get buried, placed in a fucking cemetary waisting
Cause I'm like Thanos when I snap foes will end up turned to dust
And I'll do it myself, fuck a guys help, cause all your verses suck
I'm the man on a mission, Got my hands full with this shit
But damn im so gifted, better cancel your Christmas
Cause Santa is missing, he's latched in my kitchen
I just had to go in quick, Beat slapping like Will Smith
Ill be spazzing until it's clear when I rap I'm the illest
"Legion of doom break"
Lemme take the aux cord from a bitch again
and please spare me this nuisance
Treat you like Oxford fucking Michigan
man beware cause I'm shooting
Call it over the line, I've done it, now I'm sober this time
When it comes to not giving a fuck, I'm the closest you'll find
At this moment seems I'm fucking flowing with rhymes
And i've spoken my mind, here's what your going to find
I've advance and evolved, and so I'm passing em all
Like I run fast while they crawl, man its sad how they fall
But hey you guys are now learning that you can't win em all
In fact against moi, you fucking can't win at all!
This is an example of Malcolm making a Masterpiece y'all
You're like a point guard who should be passing the ball
Cause your shots are missing like you're LiAngelo Ball
Damn these bums might need an ambulance called
Cause ive noticed these dork kids make the worst shit
I've ever heard yet and the lyrics don't have any fucking purpose
How can you hear it and not be nervous at all the words missed
People cheering I'm pearless, these sermons are turrets
The spiritual miracle you see at churches resurfaced
Resurgent, with skills ready to be re-purposed for murders
Sending shells for shots, like sea turtles at your heads
My pen is ill your not, like we're certain your worthless

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