Either Way ft Dizzy Wright

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//Verse 1 Dizzy Wright
//Verse 2 King Quin
They wanna hold me down.
They wanna put me in the ground, cuz they don't like my sound.
But God gave me a blessing, that's the mic I found.
Steppin in the booth, let go my feelings, make my mama proud.
I been on my grind for years, ain't ever giving up.
I done faced all my fears, still you see I'm standing up.
I stay ten toes down, and I will never give no fucks.
Had to do all this shit myself, nobody showed me love.
Never had a dime, still put food up on the stove.
I was struggling with bills, and that's the truth be told.
For me it’s do or die, cuz.
//Hook King Quin x2
Either way it go, I'm finna make it happen.
I'm down on a roll, I'm tryna make it off rap.
And I'm bout to get it all, youngin but big steppin'.
Done see all my haters fall, to me that's a big blessing.

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