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I am—I am more than you see.
My confidence is buried deep beneath.
It comes out once a week (or sometimes less).
I know—I know—I know what I said. Don't act like you
Didn't push me to the edge. We'll be back—maybe.
Actually, I'll only be gone for a few days,
And then I'll be back with a new face.
Maybe I made a mistake.
Based on my skin, looks like I'm the snake.
Who needs sleep when you can sing to your feet?
I've made a huge mistake—or free at last, but either way,
You won't forget those pictures, even if you burn the hard copies.
You have a million names, and one of them explains it all to me.
Why do you think I call you “Ghostie”?
Mostly because you're impossible to see.
The sun leaks down to a spot on this block
Where we met in the winter, wearing two pairs of socks.
The cold was forgotten. I saw your smile open.
Fell in love and then out. There's no doubt
You're still a spider and a liar. You've taken everything.
Maybe you've made a huge mistake—or free at last, back in P.A.,
You won't forget those pictures. I'll bet you a million dollars
We've made a huge mistake—or free at last.
We'll find out in a few days,
Singing hope is just this thing that holds us down.

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