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Over the line like immigrants a bit ignorant
Constipated not giving a shit ridiculous
Rhymes played over in head spit with it
Never a rich kid barely born to live
Sip fifths sell with fractions but that was past tense
Now this is then
The present presented by the minute
Line of scrimmage
Game of life I'm on sideline chillin
With or without the million
It's all fair as long as no warfare
I've been through welfare so hell ya
I'm outta there
But I'm just here to compare
no more guns by the pair
Paranoia in the night air
Legit nightmare drugs don't fight fair
My mind was twisted like the Crack pipes when shared
Whatever who cares
Finished with the victim life description
Where I came from some could die any minute
I'm just not living my potential potent spit to the end zone
A little left field but with the music I've been home

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