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Sorry the mix is not that great haven't done this in awhile

Alcohol & pills,
Broken state in effect,
Letting people down again,
While I'll drown in rum again,
Everybody telling me I'm be great,
They don't know pain,
They don't know my past,
Any moment I feel like I'm finna snap,
Gat in my hand, thinking about visiting neverland,
When the high over,
Reality starts sink in again,
All these pushed back feelin Is overwhelming me,
Mama like Nyle these children be lookin up to you,
I gotta switch up my life I have a lot of growing up to do,
It's funny use to be so jolly,
Now I'm feelin drained out,
Feelin like let down,
Losing everyone around me,
These days I don't feel free,
I just wanna fly spread my wings,
Instead Feelin lost,
Maybe I'd have done sum good,
Instead burning every bridge, I Crossed,
Feelin exhausted,
Numbing the pain,
With Gin & Tonic

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