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I don't know where I should begin,
Tellin' my story again and again,
day to day life full of the shit I sent in,
yeah I'm okay, but I've been so fuckin' off,
Sleep schedules great but my night's full of coughs,
Can't catch my breath while these bitches scoff,
Microwavable dinners the way my ice thaw,
instantaneously with my dry skin that your partner saw,
I feel I'm a burden every second of my time,
Around other people so I'm writin' line by line,
'Bout how I feel and one day I won't be livin' a lie,
Maybe wipe these tears off with hundreds as I cry,
cuz I don't need the fame and I don't need the fortune,
What I do need is to avoid gettin' tortured,
And keep movin' forward,
But I'm always chokin' on the past as I'm pourin',
These thoughts into my brain like a funnel,
Don't chuckle,
I'm a greedy and selfish fuck wit' nothin' goin' so I fumble,
Replayin' jungle,
But that shit sounds terrible and nothin' but a puzzle,
That'll never get put back together like a divorcee not a couple,
The fact that I ever even started bein' lyrical,
Is in itself the biggest fuckin' miracle,
Wanna be an artist wanna be one of the greats,
But that'll never be me no matter how late,
I stay up writin' and spittin' trudgin' over these grates,
hatin' our time more and more in the United States,
livin' amongst fakes,
riskin' every second of my life dodgin' these snakes
Had to put 'em out like the last cigarette,
Schemin' wit' my lyrics like I don't know what winnin' is,
What sinnin' is,
This is who I am come get your dinner kids,
I've tumbled even further, can't go any more not a wild lurker,
Cookin' shit up call it Bob's Burgers,
Quit shittin' on what I do,
I've recieved some support and that's what I choose,
To accept and believe,
not what you bitches keep,
Typin' late in dm's to me, cuz one day you'll fuckin' see,
I'll be a step above, then two, then three,
Leadin' like Mussolini,
Civil Discontent like the kingdom of italy,
I always back down- never back up,
Livin' carefully like steady hands on a cup,
Don't trip and maybe the world won't shove,
but I'm always trippin' mentally and physically,
I'm the world's favorite target visually,
I don't give a shit what type of threats you send to me,
I ain't down for enemy's,
But I let you play hysterically,
Gon' sit you down for a lesson like I'm teachin' history

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