the L-C - crushing the fab 4

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ok now lemme tell you why not to ever fucking diss me
fuck these punks
nobody is on my level
I'm aiming to become the greatest of all time
so don't even think about testing my IQ
first I'll start by destroying my too 4
nobody in history can compete with me
we're simply just incomparable
hahahahaha vow down to the mother fuckin' west side
yo bobby shot the sheriff so I'll shoot the marshal
don't worry homie it's no mofo' biggie
I'm just pac in keys of magic in solid blocks
lemme deal you some mother fucking truth
of course I'd be a good father
but i wouldn't ever cross the line
don't act like 25 to life never crossed the mind
cause' sometimes legends carry on when on decline
you was better hopping around now the glories mine
face it shady you're just past you're prime
yo everybody loves beyonce
she's one of the greatest of all time
but why is she like most girls?
getting with overrated chearleaders
A to the izzo mind you're own bizzo
you don't even deserve her mother fucker
probably turn out like chris brown
didn't he beat up the legendary rhianna?
just like tyson fury would say before looking shit
mayn this guy's a mother fucking dosser
I don't think this unstable guy is handling the split
he lost 95% of his mouth fucking fame
but at least this kim is still standing
how does he maintain his career?
the divorce will maybe strip this from him
that foul mouth failed at becoming president
I heard he shit a mother fuckin' brick
he shows that rapping is actually easy
although he sucks his own dick
getting paid to basically just stand there grabbing it
don't get in my mother fucking way mr kanye
dancing in a mofo' nappy isn't exactly sane
people are too soft with these guys
you're on a school bus with 5 britney spears wannabes
that's exactly where I'm taking this fool
so just remember that this hyoe is just hyoe
look he's crying refusing to pick up the mic
bella choa was decent but still below tupac
you don't got the balls to go for greatness (I'm above nas)
stop bitching about you're life too
"don't make me fucking embarrass you"
see here's the thing with rapping history
you gotta love this more than anything
you need to put all of you're effort into this
I've heard shady speed with hoppy skill
also crazy or gangster rappers
with a same pattern yet a biggie mofo' flow
pac knew he was on a whole different level
rapping is basically mother fucking dying
but I'll tell you all this fucking shit
"keep quiet otherwise I'm gon' mother fucking end this!!"

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