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I really like this girl
she make my toes curl
we call every night
she is my whole world
I wan't this to last forever
givin her all this pleasure
she's so hot like this weather
I get so jealous whenever
she text another
im so afraid she leave me for a guy
ik they her type
every night
i call her on Skype
she's so damn pretty
What the fuck special 'bout this guy?
I forgot she like meat too
But I know she ain't a lesbian
Maybe I should just turn her into a vegetarian
she always catch me starin'
I'm poking her face like a fucking calculator
I don't know math but I know that we'd be good together
What's the sum of us?
You're so contagious
I just caught a feeling that I don't know could be dangerous
I'm so in love with you
I get so fucking jealous
I just want you too myself, don't need a nigga ending it
You a turkey Ima stuff you with all this filling
Ima eat you out just like it's Thanksgiving
after all that
I'm gonna be giving you love
givin kisses and hugs
I know you into studs
like me
When I see you with another dude I get so greedy
chop that nigga up like Gordon Ramsey
put that hoe in some stew
Ima feed that shit to you
i may be stupid, but that nigga a fool
I'm a fool for you
I know I ain't the crazy ex
but if I see u with my replacement
Ima chop his head
leave his body in your basement
And if a nigga try to get at you
gonna beat his ass till he dead
feel like im Playboi
seen a whole lotta red
I'm sorry
I just need you all to myself
even though sharin' is carin'
I ain't tryna be sharin'
these niggas always be starin'
and yo ex got me stressin'
gotta get you some kleenex
cuz you a motherfucking blessin'

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