Sun of God

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The son of God, sun of Cod my life lives on to the most high.
Yall living days like it's your first rhyme, I'm living mine like it's my last time.
Expecting the unexpected, the Heathen was unserplexic, haters misclick because their dyslexic.
Yall can't even decide which side yall on, agnostic, my acoustics will bind the strong.
My hex gives an Ex to many X, I got record-labels on text, stuff flying out my mouth, gimme the money, checks.
Last time I checked was for someone to give me Beck, back my chex, fighting like Chuck.
Answer to a higher calling, Prex, your the Pope I am your Yes, say you believe this is the end.
Leave you perplexed, this flow to Xeno it erects, erupts in your veins, blood rushing this is the beginning.
The sinning won't stop till it says it's pending, the Devil erupts with laughter, God gets the last laugh faster.
Give me the strength to Paster, I listen to Pastors, tell the same thing but God says it's louder.

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