Gooney Shit

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Gooney shit!
Bodies in the boonies shit!
Let’s do this shit!
You knew this shit!
Say I can’t spit I’ll fucking drool on the mic
Move on aside I’ll puke on ya guy
April foolish like psyche sunnier than June or July
Y’all can just stick it like a Dutch fool with a dike
Peace to the high concealing the vibe like some always fucked up thieves in the night
Work hard and put some weed in ya pipe.
Comfort the hunger get yours take that piece of the pie.
Dysfunctional stoner just a fucked up schizo loner
Bugs bunny how I dig them holes up but hold up
this ain’t Albuquerque everybody know Philly is half of Jersey
Be the good guy or get the cook fry be the crook high like look, I
would rather be a scheming demon chillin villain who keeps it fiendish!
Gooney shit!
Bodies in the boonies shit!
Let’s do this shit!
You knew this shit!
Don’t make a martyr of mine I only grow harder with time.
Atheist Christ here to barbecue minds the harder you try.
I’ll turn ya daughter to swine to me that shits water to wine.
That shits warrants and fines don’t even bother my guy.
Ya father will cry bet that shit all on ya life.
Like the heart with the line carved in the pine…
where’s the dart? In ya spine, motherfucker,
I’m the farthest from fine.
I been growing for years and I ain’t even started to shine.
You’d think we snorting diamond dust with these hardest of lines.
That’s now back then yall was starving a child. That’s why today the party is wild.
If anybody tryna argue get guile
pardon the smile I’ll carve you one now!

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