Rockabye Dear (ft. Concept & DJM...

• Written by  • Featuring CONCEPT- and DJMALCOLM

GamingTricks's Notes

Collab with Concept and Malcom

[DJMalcom - 0:21]
I’m in a manic state, sir do you have a place
To have a straight jacket laced on me or ill act insane
well i'll still act This way As long as I can rap I'll say
shit so wack and cray, like lemme help your ass get raped
When i pack in eight Inches, my dick is enormous
big as a horse's, stiffer than corpses, outta fricken proportion,
Even Lisa ann is too tight, like how she'd fit in a corset
Thoughts are getting so morbid, you bet I will force sex
I go home, get in Moorhead, no, I'm getting more head
Let's check the storage shed, nope there isn't a corvette
Theres so many bodies filling it like a morgue and
You can see me in there peeling skin, they're just like oranges
[Hook, CONCEPT, 0:53]
When I'm on the mic don't talk in my ear.
Cuz you know you cannot fight or walk in my tier.
Life's a highway, but I lock when I steer,
So I come in clutch and put the car in high gear.
You're in the way so I honk and I veer.
When you people try to drop kick my rear,
I block out the people who mockin' my fear,
Then I put them to sleep with a "Rock-A-Bye Dear"
[GaminTricks - 1:15]
GaminTricks, that's me.
You probably haven't heard of me, but I'll make you all see.
I'm changing up my style,
Now, I'm going to run wild.
Better tag those triggers, it's about to get dirty.
So bow down motherfucker, I am the almighty.
The mirthful messiah, that's what I am.
A real OG, I'll slay you and your whole crew, let me see you first-hand,
Just what I'm TRULY capable of.
I'm a spawn of the darkness, call me Lucifers thrall
I gave the devil in I all of the control.
So beware, because now I'm after your heart, I'm after your soul.
I'll eat your heart like the fucking buzzards.
Watch out, because your days, they may be numbered.
Like they say, I've lost it, I've snapped.
And there's no chance of me ever going back.
Evil is just so alluring.
So prepare yourself for the hell I bring,
Because the apocalypse is coming, and I will be the king
Inside your heart, yeah, you have that mad fire
Try to take it higher, with your desire
With all the gold, and you might rule an empire
So always talk truth, don’t be a liar
Always be the honest one, earning a medal is nothing
[HOOK - CONCEPT - 2:20]
When I'm on the mic don't talk in my ear.
Cuz you know you cannot fight or walk in my tier.
Life's a highway, but I lock when I steer,
So I come in clutch and put the car in high gear.
[CONCEPT - 2:31]
Concept here. Man, I sow what I reap.
Mix the flow with the pen. I'm the G.O.A.T. of the sheep.
People roll by my home saying, "Yo, he's a beast!"
Rap's an All-You-Can-Eat. I'm the host of the feast.
When I let death arise with Mesmer eyes, I’ll hang they corpses high.
The way I gravitate away from light must be a morbid sign.
The way that I swing my sword show that I'm the main savage.
I wreak havoc and speak madness. Mass murders and slay dragons.
When I rap in 80's style just shows that I am Hades' child.
Foaming at the mouth when I rap states that I have rabies. Vile.
Rapping hard while eating M&M's until my Bones Collapse.
Rappers be like weeds. I'm smoking that. I'm never holding back.
As I end this verse, y'all can see that my fame bigger.
Nobody can handle me. You'll know cuz I'm that same nigga.
Who rose to fame and rapped with the greats
All you bitches finna gon' get smacked if you hate.
[END 3:14]

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