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Its been a year since they touched down
i remember that sound
like a siren
everything was bound
bound to thought that our way of life was over
the screams and the terror
the aliens are going to take over
running for cover as others are being blasted away
they came in there saucers and we are there prey
to be hunted to extinction
because we cant stop fighting each other
maybe wed stand a chance if everyone loved one another
but we hate everyone and ourselves
this way of life were living isnt good for our health
why do we care what someone else is doing
if it aint effecting us
now you staring at ETs before you turn to dust
get yourself out of your ego and live in the moment of today
majority take it for granted
we are in the last days
everything you see it maybe the last time you do
forgive yourself and push on through
you a gangsta at heart
doesnt matter what the outside shows
you living right
so you surviving thats all the gangsta should know
you working on the streets or at a job
you protecting your loved ones
and providing and staying out the way of the law

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