Playwrights & the Puppets (ft. C...

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Verse I: Latre Afiah
I dreamt about when money problems couldn't catch up to us
We left entrapped, she grabbed my hand, said i'm like sabbath to her
Said i'm like family, understand her's left her black and blue but,
Nobody had a clue, her back tattoos were nun' but proof of,
Her love for artistry, the guarantee that life gon' move ya,
Is what got her intrigued, a perc at 3, with ibuprofen
At only 17, picked up the brush at 10 then threw it,
At only 23, when she developed love for music
Dropped it for everything, got double shifts for one computer
Her dad said let her sing, her mother questioned half her future
They lacked the chemistry that makes you drive to fam reunions,
Pictured me sitting on a campus with my canvas blue cause
I painted denim jeans, not heaven's spring, cause where she grew up
Watching the better things in life just made acceptance too much
Now all i see in this poor woman is regret, perused her
A broken record that ain't slept, she had memories used up
In retrospect, i can't neglect, saw my reflection through her
Saw my perspectives being said through the same sense of humor
At 27, had 2 albums done, the covers was handmade,
Lived off of train food, worked a restaurant, a night shift that awaits when she got finished serving everyone,
Every taxi to her place, she started writing bout her city some
The beauty of the strays that make your heart race, least you're feeling sum'
That's what she'd always say, she'd sing-
This my condo
Leave me out the convo
These puppets never play right, half of em got barcodes
We know you a narco, drinking way your sorrows
Ma said it's a sour road, leave me out the convo
Verse II: Consey
The hourglass of time is the biggest judge of my life,
The hours pass, the light wanna tussle with dark and fight,
The work wasn't enough, I’m still sitting here in disgust,
As my family losing trust, it puts pressure on words | write,
I'm trying hard to burst into star, I’m still evolving,
Just hope that the verse up to par, the spirits watching,
Ghosts on my back that | bury amongst the stacks,
Money can buy you happiness, tragedies bring the tax,
Street life withdrawals got symptoms you couldn't match,
Make the working man chase victims throughout the flats,
Lacking of trust, that these children can find in us,
Shakespeare for this generation of internet thugs,
Another kid served a sentence like French tests,
Weight of expectation, they daily do bench press,
Juggle keys like babies when searching for entertainment,
Predictive programming for the streets, a form of training,
Heres a statement,
Murdered, stripped and burgled,
See we hurdle through each step of grief,
Vigils over verbal,
Smoke that herbal, over family trees,
Treat us like the colonel,
Saluting idol celebrities,
Verses in my journal,
Still hearses come with a gentle squeeze,
Pop pop, and now we mourning em,
Kids wilding out with more arms than a consortium,
Parents wishing they could hit 88 on DeLorean,
Back to the future they had, before that morning come,
Now two lives ended, two families in abyss,
Too many times cemented as casualties on the list,
Premeditated fights, calamities often drift,
Via the grip or the magazine, brandished out of the whip,
How much was that potential they lost, we got a gift,
How much time you serve when the curb the canvases,
How much of that hourglass wasted, the words | writ,
Subverting the street life, where they learning to load the clips like-
Verse I: Latre Afiah
I've been soaked up by the beach, my soda bottle cost the same as hearing local R&B
On jukeboxes 'stead of paging through a broken slot machine
We'd crash by stores and leave the groceries unsorted
Art can keep alot of stories on it's shoulder, but the state can swallow me
Because i never could resist to reconnect my arteries, my niece reflect on all these things,
And we ain't met but see the thread that brings up less to corporate links
I expect that less is more but he's expecting more from me.
And more from less, i morph to bless, but rest assured that morally-
We stand corrected, energy will stand protected, best believe.
Street cats wasting 'way they lives, i swear one's on his 4th this week.
Watching Channel 5, upraised with thoughts of mass incarceration
Reincarnation's our belief whenever past consumes our days and,
I had plans beyond a day shift, buttered pan for Uncle Sam,
The culprit lands on ones i stayed with, plans at 9 PM with 9's like we was YBN on docks that no one caught us in
That's Nas, the times my state of mind weren't mine, four ballads played, but no one cried,
One ball to play a 5 on 5, I'd contemplate to counsel mines
The other day outside my mom's, these dogs were stray like Columbine, 6 miles away from my old town where calls can't save you out of line...
Verse II: Consey
Look me in my eyes,
Tell me bout the pain,
You suffer deep inside,
Trying not to strain,
The muscles in my thighs,
Trudging through the rain,
The hunger keeps the drive,
Looking for a way,
Through thunder as | fly,
Frightened by the way,
| plummet from this high
Budget on my mind,
I'm stuck in the sky, astrophysicist,
All bout business, life ain't limitless,
Try my best, bro bro still living in,
Tribal warfare, streets indigenous ah,
Both parents, so privileged ah,
Bro need a leader, try fitting in,
But couldn't do a thing, just witness it ah,
That funeral service completed my purpose,
That hole in the surface, | really am missing him,
Guess | was like a parent after all...

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