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Uh, you say 'I am not a racist',
I say you're hiding behind biases and fake shit,
It's blind hatred, outdated and pervasive,
But when it's time to speak your mind you find that you don't say shit,
You can't face it so, you get wasted,
'Till you're higher than the bassist,
Your pupils dilated looking up online for something unrelated,
But you can't take it,
Human Rights is insane, it feels invasive and it's innate,
But you aim to debate it anywhere that'll take it,
You persuasively claim a race is to blame for its ailments,
But it's so painfully racist, prejudiced, ablest,
Discrimination, you name it,
But whatever the label you're brainless,
It's just copy and pasted fascist fabrications,
You just have to have a say and display these crazy ideations,
You conjugate with nazis, promote their proclamations,
Mob with right-wing parties, and dream of the ethnostate.
You once said 'I am not a racist',
Now, instead, you say you'd never tip a black waitress,
But, hey, you made it!
No longer feel you have to fake it to make it,
Successfully indoctrinated,
But know that even me inebriated could see that we should be,
Peacefully, and pleased to be, amalgamated.

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