Skin & Bones

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You already know
Skin & Bones Chorus
Wake up in the morning, man life is boring
Boutta snort a line just to get my day going
Treat it like a morning coffee seconds later Ill be glowing
Go to work im out here growing smile on my face is showing
Hop up in my car, bluetooth on my ride
Put that shit in drive and im off full of pride
Music is so loud I cant hear the turn signal chime
Cutting up in one way traffic just to get to work on time
Blowing stops im driving mean, running reds like its green
Rolling dirty im not clean, half a gram inside my jeans
Radar flashing like a scene, but my plate is covered screen
Divider lines are not seen, the way I drive is obscene
Bumping pop smoke, I be speeding in the parking lot
Pull up in my parking spot, park it like a spot I bought
Hopping out im feeling hot, grab the bottle take a shot
Walking into work I brought, half a gram and half a scotch
Skin & Bones Chorus
Fourty minutes later clocking in, gotta make a stop
Sitting in the stall, fake a piss, bring out the bag I brought
Already cut it up, so its sure to be an easy swatch
Bumping on the toilet, working coked up on the cash I watch
Being cashier is so easy, handle money like its breezy
Hello to the customers, attitude is like im greedy
Get the payment oh so speedy, bag it up just like some leafy
Leave em with a receipt cause you know the returns are so needy
Heart is racing get that money not a second im not running
Moving like a bunny not a foot thats getting stuck in honey
Alcohol warming my tummy outside it is really sunny
Asking for donations for the homeless perceived really funny
Shift is over, work is done clocking out, im feeling numb
Go back home to drink some rum maybe take a line I gum
Driving reckless, like im dumb, focused on the cocaine crumb
Sit back in the same chair, lining up cause im just
Skin & Bones Chorus

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