the L-C - looney tunes: prison

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"oh hello a a a a a a a a oh hello a a a a oh hello all y'all!!", did nobody tell you about the other side of looney tunes?, yeah I'm not really surprised really if I'm honest, no sorry ass mother fucker will risk this shit, aww what you mother fucking expecting?, a pat on the head while you roll over in prison, rubbing you're belly while you wag you're fucking tail, sticking you're tongue out with a shameful hard on?, oh no I'm not here to entertain you, you're here to mother fucking entertain me - SEE
see it's ok for the ducky daffy and bugsy bunny, the law seems to be different for these, although we're all a bunch of fucking looney tunes, I went prison for smacking someone with a hammer, just because I had the real horror effects turned on, of course you're gon' see mother fucking blood, I've splattered a million cartoon characters, the knife or gum was my favorite weapon, just imagine if I was mother fucking hunting this rabbit, I'll get a major adrenaline rush and won't be able to mother fucking stop it
I'm too dangerous for the TV apparently, forget all of them mother fuckers homie, I'm the greatest looney tune of all time, you'll always fucking remember me, unlike the limited edition of the great 90's, it's a whole new level now mother fucker, I won't just mother fucking end careers, oh no homie I'm talking nuclear wars mayn, but I'll be cruising easily in mofo' history, YES. YOU. WILL. MOTHER FUCKING. SEE!
it'll be armageddon or some shit, you wanna stay on you're own mofo' block, I'll just suddenly summon a AK mother fucking glock, out of thin air using the maximum tune power, even if I go easy on you mother fucker, I'll still zap you into dust as you sink into the earths mother fucking crust, I'll show you the ultimate destruction, unlimited everything including explosions, nevermind then weak ass fake one punch man, I'll go just suit myself up as ultra instinct goku and mother fucking aniahlate you!
in the real world wed cause chaos and murder, earthlings can't kill invincible cartoon characters, it's just mother fucking impossible homie, can you imagine twisting bugs bunnies neck?, shooting daffy duck right between the beak, I'd mother fucking terrorize them with top replayable deaths, watching highlights all day and every night, dominating the action from start to mofo' finish, I'm too brutal to be in the looney tunes mother fucker, and the the the the and the and the and and and and and and that's mother fucking all folks so fuc k off all y'all!

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