So Lucky (ft. Akillo)

• Written by  • Featuring Akillo

I’m so funny
I’m so silly, I’m so goofy
But they love me
Even your girl
Yeah she fucked me
Up and down
On this dick
She was lucky
Oh so lucky cus
Cus now I got walking backwards after
Into roleplay, I’m a director, actor
Now you looking sad
Sending dms at her
You were her man
In past tense
That hurts I’m so sorry
Wait, no
Never been
Something strange
First name Benedict
Play this game
But you never win
Ace of spades
Save for another hand
Wrapped around like bows
Never look back at photos
Never go back to Stay Low
I salute the Brave folks
Who get on a track with me
But Rest In Peace
The best of me
I swear is ten of you
I run these tracks like tennis shoes
My corny bars at least amuse
Your try hard bars
Make me hit snooze
At best
Putting that back in the chest
And I’m banking the rest
Get back to your desk
You lost never getting back that debt
I bet
But hope for the best like
I’ve just got that feeling that you really wanna rap like that, but you can’t, so study the best
//Verse 2: Akillo
You girl wanna fuck me on snapchat
I treat that pussy like baghdad
Making her tap like it's black jack
Grabbing the strap and a backpack
With a girl in the back tell that bih to relax
Cause a opp just got capped
And the orphans got bagged cause I deal with no bats
Bon apetit i'm in france with your grandma
She finna get scammed i ain't leave without bands
I got the plans i got the medicine i got the xans
I got the billie jean i got her mans in a headlock
Deadlock take this shit to the bedrock
Dare not digging holes like a hedgehog
Shellshock in pieces (pcs) like a desktop
Lucky like luke spitting hell in the booth
Got more flows then a group
Got more bowls then a soup
And i'm finna polute
Yeah i'm finna be brute
Hop up in and pursuit
Fallen ill when i shoot
And i'm ill with her mood
She ain't chill get the boot
Split the bill for the food
Bitch gonna kill for the fruit
I'mma steal all her loot
Cause she think im a fool
With more shit then a stool
I be dripped with some drool
But ain't rich for no jewels
Digging all in her glutes
I'm too big for my boots
Ain't forgetting the roots
And repenting my youth
And im betting that you
Ain't been settling that truth
I will be sending you booze
I will be sending issues with this magazine
Young frankenstein
Always haloween
Never valentine
Why the grass so green
If you know what i mean

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