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V1: We been goin nuts in the arcade
Bad bitch mask on Squid Game
GTA take off in the mustang
Get your girl wet like she’s in the rain
I make these songs when I feel down and
Even though I can swim I feel drowned in
All the stress, all the pain that I face
So that’s why I chill in my own arcade
Got the PS4 and that Nintendo switch
PS2 and gamecube that retro shit
And while I play COD I get head from your bitch
She playing 3DS while she’s sucking this dick
She came here to smash she ain’t mean brawl or melee
She ain’t mean ultimate she meant a three way
Cuz she’s the type that’ll go both ways
Resident Evil I’m in her hallway
I wish I could save up for a pair of balmains
But I’m a fucking gamer so I only get games
Got my monster and Doritos no Elden ring
I like Skyrim better it’s a controls thing
10 years later and that shit’s fucking classic
Even though in dungeons I just get my ass kicked
fus ro dah motherfucker I’m spazzing
Breath of the Wild is my bad habit
Any Zelda game that I play I will dominate
In Mario Kart I also dominate
Shark god using all these lemons to make lemonade
Champion god flow are you not entertained?
Superman your bitch now she Lois Lane
Arkham City’s a classic game
It’s the freakin Bat that’s all I hear em say
If you don’t like these games then you’re fucking gay
V2: Sigma gamer man still hits the gym
Beat off to the hub then the shark god swims
Don’t like the fake ass bitches like Kim
Tits fake like your personality bitch
Gold digger busy grabbing coins like Wario
But I’m giving Peach 1-Ups call me Mario
You are not invited to the shark party bro
What else can I say but I’m fuckin sorry hoe
I don’t simp I’m a gamer for life
Based as fuck bout to find my wife
In Texas but she ain’t Alexis
Driving my Honda I don’t fuck with Lexus
Your pussy stinks shit smells like a dead fish
Touching me while I’m asleep some Sienna Mae shit
I’m with Keanu we be chillin in the Matrix
No homo tho bro I’m not on that gay shit
That’s my boy MC Penis here’s ya fuckin shout out
Knock them down like Little Mac call that shit Punch Out
John Cena shit I can’t see what you’re talking bout
But if you test me I’ll fuckin knock you out
Like my name’s Pacquaio
Everybody asks me how
I got my game collection
called saving money wow
Get a job dude you’re a fuckin loser
I’m spitting bullets like a fuckin school shooter
I’m a console boy don’t use my computer
Got your mom here my heads between her hooters
Sushi chef she got wasabi on her cooter
Jetski taking off in the cruiser
This my day off call me Ferris Bueller
Mario Kart lapping all you losers
You a bald bitch like Jada or Lex Luthor
Sorry bro, but you know the motherfuckin truth hurts

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