Churchill Downs Remix

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Sometimes I get so high I forget where earth is
I would never let a group or a single person
Try and define what my worth is
If you don’t got my trust then you prolly don’t deserve it
You idiots really wanna tell me to remain calm
If the world really runs on peace why do we make bombs
Yo guy took five to the brain like he facepalmed
This is not a gimmick or a trick when that microphone clicks off
the me that I present straight stays on
They keep on making allegations that are asinine
Boy you couldn’t be top 10 if you were in a class of nine
The difference is I am it and you just act Devine
I’m walk-in through a black hole i summoned tryna pass the time
Flames ravaging the jungle the Amazon’s devestated
You selfish takin up oxygen just to waste it
It’s different when you’re livin while your idols are dead
0 competition, made a personality n we were friends
He wanna box box these shells and meet that box in the end
Therea not a hole inside my heart just an abyss that don’t end
Kids wanting attention sayin they ghost write my hits
You could never hope to get all of these lines i encrypt
Glock Stevie wonder got no sight on that bitch
Kill yourself was really the best advice I could get
It’s hurtin me not to die it’s killin em see me live
told me it’s on sight Brodie must be a blind man
Had to grab my 9 cause my smith 45 jammed
I’m steamin burner bro left him n them light tan
How could I ,ever feel offended lil bro I made you
Taught you how to hold a mic and write its like I raised you
Bitch google says I’m worth 5 ms why would I chase you
Baby momma tellin me she love me and she’ll never leave
I just sit an think
This the same woman who moved out just the other week
Lord forgive me cause I’m backing to selling drugs and guns to fiends
But Growing up the way that I did made it tough for me
To ever really think and believe you’re in love with me
Takin Trips thoughtout the galaxy with Elon on mars
There’s chalk round my heart,
loves dont exist when you’re beyond the stars
Human being just tryna beam my energy far
They tried to be me you see how it got all them far
All I do is be myself I’ve never tried fitting parts
rappers so similar it’s hard to pick ‘em apart
You lyrical content carbon copy the charts
Who really does this for passion who really does this for art
Who’s really wearin a mask and just wants to be a star
I’m every dead legend in one reincarnated
The aftermath of what if biggie and pac made it
I took my whole genre at 15 and shock waved it
you a Grown man who lived ya life inside ya moms basement
Any track I’ve ever featured on is deff yo biggest placement
Out in LA and it’s like these artists never wanna link w me
You had such different energy sub tweeting me
100% chance he gets robbed upon meetin me
Too close to the edge tell my stans to relax
I had to work from the dirt you were handed ya plaques
Making quick fame from all them big names on ya tracks

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