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This is the day when I started when I was 9,
I take some of the practices, and then I was fine,
I take some prints from my printer, Ran to fight busted vines,
I got a message for the enemies that I said, because everything I said is might must be mine,
but if you guys don't listen to me? then you guys be in a blender to light rusted signs.
I take some Eminem's songs to another level,
I know it isn't true, it is a bothered metal,
the competition just started, get ready for this battle,
I wanna get the things to get the final rattle.
This is the old days, It's not bald plays,
I'm not Jason Statham, I gonna get false names,
I wanna take the link to you,
but if you gonna decline it, I will make you pink to blue
The piano is black, the bookshelves is stacked
I gonna take his rack, than I gonna hit him with bliss bat,
I take a giant bookshelf to get the books,
I'm gonna stay here for the better rules,
The last song is short, like you know how it is,
but I gonna wait for something, you are too sensitive,
I take vocabulary to better rhythms, I got chicken here,
but not a freedom beard.
Then John just kick in the door,
like Jason did, just flick finger shore,
then he got kicked in the board
then he feel painful, so he fricking the Perlord.
I got my coffee, try to stay awake,
I gonna do to my day, day's a cake,
but things got bad, so May The Grade
jump into the siutation, just blame a state.

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