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Given you,
All my fantasies,
Given you,
All my fatalities,
Taken screw,
Of my head,
Taken drew,
Of my death,
Becoming a new,
Guy in your bed,
Now feeling,
Sort of sad,
These Little things,
Making me bad,
Getting me killed,
Wine till glass gets filled,
Till I get drilled,
Till the pool become still,
Baby but you want something differ,
Now I am going to become tougher,
Going to be more rougher,
I will not anymore buffer.
I didn't know will become stiffer,
Will not do something to deliver,
Will drown in river,
And got served as dinner,
But broken me,
Myself from inside,
Will not comit,
Any type of suicide,
Never thought,
There will be so much light,
But will be thinking,
For you all the night,
Fell in love with you,
In the first ever sight,
Didn't knew,
Am i all right,
Thinking bout you,
All the time,
That's all,
From my side,
I know you want old me back,
That time when we both were stack,
We want that time back,
When we bought a Mac,
Trying to be old that,
Don't wanna make you sad,
At the end we both bleed red.

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