Shake it Remix

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Come through baby
Tell me what u tryna do baby
I know its been a minute
Since you got to Licking
Yeah this dick is missing you baby
Show me how is done
Give it up, imma fuck, get a nut,
Then we done
Girl you know wassup
Ion cuff, suck it up,
imma thot get me lit
I pull up to the spots
We getting litty give a fuk bout a clock
No time is ticking when im drunk and im hot
Plus these bitches tryna suck on my cock
But I gotta get to the guap
Stack til im old and I drop
Get my kids a head start to the top and my kids kids
Finna learn from they pops
Yeah this how I gets down
Either niggas wit me or the next clown hating niggas cause they getting bread now?
You know the shit a arm and leg now??
I'm sacrificing for this lifestyle
Strategizing for the likes now
Teach you how to ball like im mike brown
Catch me standing tall with sum ice now... niggaaa

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