Over The Sea (Prod. Shano)

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I saw the water turn to waves full of flames
I saw a greatness and decided I was made for this game
I paved a path and now my names engraved in all of the pavement
I made a pact of moving day to day from all of my hatred
I slayed the dragon now I lay adjacent, walking the same
But now I’m snagging off the sabers blade, the arm is impatient
Aim set to make a haters day, the property vacant
Ghosts roaming round the place and wait for god to come save them
check his car ‘fore we save em, empty his pockets for safety
and keep a glock to his brain
like he had awful intentions when he was walking away and then he got popped for no reason,
and no one called and his day
ended with darkness and fate crawled up his arm
i’m afraid, cant even talk on the name
cause they can’t handle the pain
i’m fuckin tired
every single person that i knows a fucking liar
i cant keep a spark so i just start a fucking fire
i’m a killer, i’m a victim, i’m a sinner, i’m a slider
im a blister, i’m a missus, i’m a bitch and i’m a cryer
if i get shipments i’m just hoping it’s green
and i ain’t one to pray for money, i’m just holding the seam
until I fold, and needa sew another hole from the jeans
i tried to carry every burden that was thrown at my feet
lift with my back, it cracked in half and all i hold is defeat
i’m stuck moving in the void, i’ve broken all my toys,
the only thing i coined is that i’m older and weak
it’s dark out, i ain’t gotten any hope imma leave
and all i see is the moon getting closer to me
i go to sleep with the sun setting over the sea

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