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I don't leave home, I stay down in the hole
A demon seed to the most, but an angel to the ones that I keep close
The key is in Major, everything is major
Put my face on the Fader
Imma be the only one on the cover to ever be a real fader
After the glock pops my hands gon twitch like twin vibrators
A Hole in your tummy like you got hit with a lightsaber
I wet you up and leave you shaking like a hurricane
Wasn't up next but I got upset then I came
I know yall scared of pain, apply the Lidocaine
Don't smoke but to get change I'd make my own strain
When I got money you started acting so strange
How come when it's time to go you begin to play both ways
You got me thinking to revert back to my old ways
But nah nah nah, those were the old days
///[Hook] x2
Got me Reminiscing thinking all about the pain
Everyday was Bricksquad, going Hard in the paint
Where I'm from i know some people who would do a job for your brain
Shank for the change
And these People gonna keep sleepin on me like an OD
If you see me in the street then approach me slowly
And no, I'm not your homie
Hands stay in the window unless you wanna look a golf course, holy
///[Verse 2]
Tired of being played pussy by a has been
I could make homie look like an accident
With the way you actin it's kinda like you for this
When you're gone you gon be a hashtag and an asterisk
Yeahz gets the drip from his walk like a basilisk
Days from passin fists to pacifists
You're just an actor like an internet activist
You're not even conscious, hope you die twice off the actavis
Y'all rappers don't know what active is
I could make him disappear on some magic shit
Harry Potter glasses and My wand got extended clips
Make your destiny hit the dirt and your head'll flip
Imma keep going up no matter how I pedal it
And I've been going crazy on my mental shit
I spit scorching, somewhat like how metal gets
Got a mask on as I smack you with a metal fist
I've been pushing buttons and pulling strings, no guitar picks
And if you tempt me this barrel gets hotter than the ice floating in the arctic
Brush ups with me you get Wet up and left to dry like a painting
Cut you up for cosplaying fax machine the way you copy pasting
///[Hook] x2

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