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It all started a year ago,
most say I should forget about it.
But every day when I don't smile and look sad
Is it because I think back to those black days.
I have trusted many people
Without realizing what they would give me.
Trust gets harder and harder with time
Everything is ruined by those memories, always.
You were my first love, man, no one forgets that.
After years I had to process it, a love bandage.
It first started with someone who should give me love
which I gave another chance and I could only chew.
Your beautiful words you said you would never deceive me
I saw it fly away nicely after 2 months.
I was totally in love with your character,
but in hindsight this only made it more compacter.
You were busy with her while we had something going on
How could I fall in love with you again, so wrong.
You didn't always treat me right
take me by the neck that's what you do.
You were on drugs, yeah the wrong shit
man my first love killed me hard, been going through.
I didn't dare tell anyone how you did sometimes
Until you just threw our relationship in the trash, just dont mind.
Your mama had a drinking problem and came upstairs
gave you a nosebleed and almost slapped me.
Until you pulled away from it and make it stop.
and she squeezed like what are you doing now look she's crying
do you want her never to come? and slam the door shut
I couldn't breathe saw blood flowing from your nose
Promised me this wouldn't happen again and we could dream on
Every story comes to an end sometimes
these problems almost brought me to the end of my life.
Call me drunk after it's done,
promise me all things that it was done.
That we'd be back together
That you didn't want her these lies hurt.
I've always wanted to believe in you
such a difficult story nobody wants to rob.
This relationship left me a wound,
but I will never dare to talk to anyone about it.

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