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fresh outta london
pull up with them sticks, slap that bitch like his name justin
lil boy flexin he hetero then he askin me 2 fuck him
i stay coming, mainstream wanna talk, i turn nothing into something
mans talkin down, dont free 6snot, we dont want him around
mans talkin down, we got lil bro dancin like he a clown
stuck bros in the chutes, mandem running they chinging yutes
and we know you don't got a clue, think man ments he creasing his shoes
beat him up in the zoot, my shit blows up u just got slewed
and if i got the food, know better this ain't 4 u
aiming at the opps, no escape ur mans get caught
mans keep talking shit in COD, pov ur music flops (bow, bow)
twin bros ride me like a harley, my gang on that charlie
sip on bacardi, smoke ur team out we got an army
lil bro i'm certy, ur fit stay dirty, dem man know that u ain't worthy
we dip him in the abdomen, i blow their backs in
drillin ur hoe while u stay in the trash bin
mans talk all sad, dog water he mad
skengs on my left, pull up and i ching him and his dad
spending our 24's on the dash, talking daft, that nigga get slashed
ur team sucking on cocks, u don't got my quid?
shooting with 9s, we run down ur block
gem can't steal the grub, smash that nigga until he cant walk
smokin that pack, hand ting at his head
mans can't snitch or we leave him for dead
this that 2 man step, but ur team get nicked
back 2 the ends, think i just hit a lick
(you dont listen to body or whoopty ur not really a drill fan)

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