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//throwaway, 3 tape coming soon😈
Watch how the mood change
Rap got a new favourite
Trapping out with this statement
I’m bad and I don’t do faking
Talk like that and you better
Send location
Doubts will rise
Cos the man you facing
On his sad situation
Blood done boiled and things were done
Mind over matter
I rinsed my hands
Of blood sweat
Tears from eyes that stay bloodshot
You don’t fuck with me
Your bitch think that I’m just pretty
Introduction she showed titties
I took over
I got coke with me
The bros with me
The flow hit me
My old ceiling been broke through
My real fans love old school
Real rap with a cold crew
From the cold mud
The prophecy it grow true
Watch this space it is 3 season
Keep breathing
Through the pain
Bury feelings
You mouse or man?
Clicked my fingers and out they come
Line em up
Bottled up
All this hatred
What the fuck
Someone tell me why you thought
Imma nice guy
Yeah I smile and stuff
Pay attention my eyes say run
Change your vision
See everything
Not the surface
But what’s within
Clocked the opposition
Plotting often that my luck would drop
But I’m quick to shock em
Stuck to common sense
Doctor think I’m sick
I can think for self
I don’t need your pills
I can win the belt
Mccregfor said it best
Who the fuck are you
Stand in my way
And expect some things
You act I react
Counter things
Where I be at?
Where the sound is pure
Like the rock I sling
Problem solving
That’s all I do
Just trynna make some moves
So I can eat some food
Got anger too
Bad combination now that’s the truth
Just bad news for you savage fools
Cos I’ll snap back and damage
Rap best with the family
Stand by me no matter what
The fine line i don’t ever cross

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