Last Breath ft Roane

• Written by  • Featuring Roane

Better cut the check or we gonna cut your neck
In the cut like the best a man can get
I'm the bestest man yet i can Marijuana (Marry juana)
And Moana make a martyr cause i'm straight killing cats yeah
Great to the max bet i can make them gassed when
Your senorita and your people get a quick assesment
If I like her you wont know where that ass went
Wanna kill me get in line and better pay your rent
Many many many men wish death upon me
That i never ever ever see man it's getting lonely
But fresh to death i'm gonna be
Take your breath like your whole family a sports team
My reality your whole dream
Fatality across my strategy
It cost for this mentality
I'm close to losing gravity
They grabbing me but ima leave
Reality i rather be in galaxy
No eyes on me
Until my last breath
I'm a stay too fresh fresh to death
Man i'm feeling myself yeah im feeling myself
Going from the street straight up to a jet
Will i ever falll off only time will tell
whats next whats next
Cause i'm fresh to death
Man i'm feeling myself
And i cannot stop ain't worried about the clock
I'm gonna run the whole block until my last

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