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yo meek why you keep saying that you unique
when you screamed all the time every time that you speak
oh I see you don't want us to see that your week
cause we all know meek so weak on a slow beat
you got the whole game why you claim beef with me
retard boy I celebrate when you'll have defeat
instead of sleep in bed im just only getting fed
cause you keep saying that are you paying hele cash
fuck cass cause we know he a snake under grass
but ain't killing him that's enough what was said
Nah fuck that I got a gat to ya head
cause I already know ya prosthetic leg
and I'm sick of you and your crew getting fed
this a robbery so put the cash in the bag
i don't wanna make it to have you all faded
ill even kill ya baby and hope she doesn't make it
I got a little soul ima a Lil good
but I will take it there so just get it understood
but if it bd shit ima keep it all hood
because I kill shit and I know my brothers would
in each and every hood I'm the man girlfriend
and I got bars so large as a car
so others mc encourage me to take it far
because I'm so raw with this type of skill and art
don't come outside we got a car parked
unless you wanna die i suggest you all listen
cause I've been itching to get a cap pealing
cause I'm so tired of fucking drug dealing
my style so proven it not an illusion
i been rapping since 96 im the coolest
and you niggas trna do me you are stupid
born in 86 and got connection with some gangstas
so niggas please cool it or take a smith and wesson
cause i got connections to all armored weapons
im super fucking destined to send them all to heaven
a niggas Glock presents for Christmas he is happy

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