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It's 2016 put you hands up in the air
Wave em all around like you just don't care
Forget all the bad times that gave you a scare
If your not happy man that wouldn't be fair
Oh my goodness I'm happy as pharell , from my Face you can tell that I'm feeling good an
d mighty swell
Always looking forward to the future of the year
With all gossip,drama,tears or fear
Every year is brand new ,I'm not talking about the pricing
Could be sweet as iceing or bad as a viking
Never know what can happen during the way
Our Life can change any day,every way
From what the people say to how people play.all day
Ok I'm being serious this is not a joke
JustListen carefully to what I spoke,this is not provoke,like a choke
So excited for the times ahead to come
Getting ready cause ,a new life has just begun
As of 2015 the journey has come to an end
What are your new year resolution amends
This is the real truth not pretend,there are things in world I would like commend
On December the Star Wars movie came out and I was like us man that what I'm talking about
Me and friend got to theater at 4:00
When we went, we got good spots
The movie ranking got to the top,I will be mad if it not and will faint and drop
This is also the year that finished high school
Thank god I was a fool,when through like. Tool
Now I get to go to college,which is really cool
Everybody stand up and cheer
No it's time to get ready for the new year

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