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Fire barz with napalm make em face palm till they break arm tryin to save face. It don’t make sense to cross me and fck my day up just to find out ull get cosby’d for the whole week end up date raped for the whole month fck ur 4 weeks! No days off nigga no sleep! Sit in a safe space rip my face off let my pores breathe. But don’t mind me just tryin to mime me! Sometimes Just cuz i get lost in my thoughts shit don’t mean i am tryin to find me. Never leave those that stuck around held it down kept it blood n mud when it fell down to this damned ground whole shitshowz and all fcktownz full of ground beef. When shit swipes left and on God the real road dawgz in the same boat not on crossroads staying on guard on every cross street. Up on Mount Tur like Moses but the truth bomb might not blind me. Might not find it or let it find me. Run to hell and back, but fck this! It’s some fck shittt tryin to time me. Cuz see this loyalty unlike ur royalty be never need a crown to remind me.

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