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Baby girl what am i
Friends told me im nothing but a lil guy
Put my head hi up to the sky
Day dreaming that i can fly
Last night i was walking down the street i took a bullet to the back in my lungs
i nearly died
I never wanted to hear that you cried
I asked her to choose me or him please decide
when she chose him i wanted to commit suicide
I will never know if i dont try
I can't live through the pain
Your scent smell like champagne
Washing my blood down the drain
maybe something is wrong with my brain
Gotta learn to maintain all the pain
Going to the store bought me a big ass chain
Told my sister there aint nobody else to blame
I can't deal with all the drama
Friends told me i gotta deal with the mathafuckin drama
Told my poppa stop smokin all the Marijuana
What am i gonna do with the lama
Shoot them up with AK-47

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