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I just wanna runaway from all this bullshit -
I'm breaking down - and I hoping no one notice
Dont be looking at my eyes cause it be lifeless -
I never felt this -
I really hate it -
I'm sick to stomach every time That I am sober
I Pour the drink up - give to urge and says it over
Cold shoulder- slumped over -drunk again -
Fuck being - su-ober
Fuck have I been doing wit my life its crazy-
At the party - on the couch -
Wit a hottest-
Dont remember anything
Causes it is fuZy -
Fuck we doing? Open beer and
Get to buzzing
I'm doing all this dumb shit cause
I know I ain't shit -
Pop a pill or 2 cause I been feeling
Anxious -
And Ion even know myself -
Can't even take it-
Where s the man inside the mirror
I cannot see him now -
Where da hell did I go?
Why am the hell am I numb?
I been - searching for life at the bottom
Of bottles - I drink till I'm hollow
And no intervention-
Just me and addiction-
I fuel my obsession with rum -
Fuck it im drunk - but not having
Fun -
I'm doing the shit that im want
When I want cause I'm drunk
And I don't give a fuck

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