Sewer clown

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Killer in the sewers this is homicide
Minor population facing genocide
Suicide is better, both for you and I
Cus from what I've seen, your afraid of the night
I’m a fucking killer clown, call me pennywise
Pump your guts out, this is where the kiddies die
Writing on the walls, I’m a pesticide
This town is greenery, the flowers always die
Mentally I represent the ghetto guy
Put the rest aside
When I’m looking for you it's just you tonight
My pen game the best, put the rest aside
Fuck these little syllables and flexing, ight?
Hit the fucking road because I got you in my sights
Pray to god I stick to rapping cus you might just die
Better from embarrassment then harassment from thy
Do or die
Give up, you did try
Let me see the living guy
Be strangled to my liking
I’m a fucking crazy guy
I don’t think I mean it
I Don’t think I mean
I might fucking mean it
Pinkies crossed and hope to die
Jason, Freddie Krueger, none are scarier than I
Fuck sanity
I could find a hundred different ways to murder city guys
Lick the fucking barrel, shove it up your ass and blow your brains tonight
Light the candle if you don’t because you're facing pennywise
Demons in the air tonight
Blood is dripping from the jaws and you can pause to look at me and see the light

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