Applying Pressure REMIX

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Its crazy how ya battles can take over ya head
I can get dark and you overthinking whatever was said
Feels like ya brain's getting swish and all the tension that's within give you headaches watch it take over now you mentally dead.
How we coping its complicated
Gotta do lotta waiting
We just praying the pain away the way to abolish satan
I ask my therapist whats the catch cause im outta patience
Same predicaments visiting aint finishing fuck the faking
Its all business
All Gimmicks
Im on my own wit this shit
In my own zone in control of this bitch
And the hoes know how it goes so
Fosho they dont trip about the dick
Trust me i know, like patron when it hit
People out here thinking they know me
And it hurts my soul
Cause i like to chill by my lonely til i cant no more
Force to go back out and you cant backdown,
society coming at you fast now
Nothing to laugh bout, the shit is real..
But what we do? We adapt
Those who dont? They subtract
Then we got them ignorant people stunting wit Cadillacs
Come to find out they in debt they
Stuck where they grandma at
Like how you finna handle that?
Ya life is full of maga caps
But we aint gon pretend like i aint take a chance at rap
I know its a drag wit that
But we gon keep it pushing and stay consistant and make sure that we get the bag wit that
Cause its my habitat..
And thats a fact.

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