ShapeShift - Answers

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There's tears dripping on my window pane puffing on the endo flame, Constantly replaying vivid thoughts within your brain,
Just an object in the game and your consciousness deranged, I just ponder everyday why we are locked up in these chains,
Got the product in their vein and they never been the same, watch there confidence erase Satan mocks them in the rain,
I'm a prophet of this age here to say we gotta change, It's getting harder to refrain from putting bullets in my brain,
Why is it my mother has to see an early grave just because of past mistakes, I lay at night and pray trying to ask him for his grace,
But tell me will it change anything I have to face, As lies behind the sky slowly mapping out our fate,
Watching love fade away and evaporate with haste, The path I have to take is filled with sorrow and hate,
My palms are starting to shake they say I gotta refrain from all the drugs in this place, But I can't stomach the pain starting to running out of faith,
Watching dealers ruin lives just to hustle the weight, This shits a fucking disgrace we live with troubling ways,
Watching my family rip apart got clutching a blade,
Ready to cut through my veins dealing with nothing but rage,
History repeats itself when you get stuck in the phase,
Even my grandfather told me that were stuck in a maze,
But once we leave our body that's when we can bust through the cage,

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