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//0:00 - 0:20
Yo, some out here, thinking they're all that.
Acting high and mighty. They can do that against me, but
I'm that person who's going to put them back on the ground.
//0:21 - 1:46
//[1st verse:]
You're speaking like you're the one to know
You're talking but you don't even know
I know that what you reap is what you sow
Take a second and read this according to the flow
We can go on this rap, trap and slap in slow
Wind from left to right, front to back and stand in a row
Now let's talk about some hypocrites
You people's mind is just very limited
Vegans don't eat anything that's not plant based
But forget where that Iphone came from that's replaced
Every year where children's talent go to waste
When working everyday on that Iphone that you chased
To get, again is that juice you're drinking laced?
While looking at a commercial where the new Iphone is cased.
Many are ready for the truth in their advantage
But are they also ready when that truth is their damage?
I know the answer, is that really how you're going to manage?
Be responsible, and honest
Only then everything is possible and harnessed
No limits, no misfits, just proof that you can go through the roof
Comparisons, some, not just Americans over the world acting with arrogance
Money isn't everything, that's the greed the world can't buy as medicines
Keep acting tough, but I'll make everybody laugh at you like The Jefferson's
You're funny, always complaining about everything, but my life is sunny
I want money to buy some honey for my honey, I think I'm the dummy
That's all in the past, these stupid thoughts don't ever last
Punching through negativity with my gloves, they Everlast
Pounded into a pulp, I just want to leave after I smashed.
//1:47 - 1:56
You're talking, but you don't know what
Stay on the ground and don't make a sound
I will do my thing, but don't try to swing
See me going and watch me growing
//1:57 - 3:25
//[2nd verse:]
Now I'm growing
Getting bigger, can you say I'm blowing
Up, I'm not fat, they say pulling the trigger
But I'm pushing that thing they call the kicker
Kick start my career in whatever that is
I could play a part in a show or voice in Fear
Walking around in the terminal, waiting to get shot
That's quite the scene we in November 2009 got
Kids say 'that's old', never mind us saying 'that's gold'
I remember paying full price getting the full experience
Nowadays micro is the way, inflation to the fullest, are they serious?
New tweeks, new engine, new game to play
It's still the same, but we all still want to pay
Respect for Santa Monica, I don't mean California Love
But the ones who made Atreus and Kratos
It's amazing, no potatoes or rotten tomatoes
That's stuff we almost never get anymore
You pay more than enough, but only get half in any store
Let's rally more, go outside more, and play with a whore
Don't tell your parents, they might show you the door
Have fun, take it outside or battle it out on the dance floor
Live life, get married with your bride
Get loose in your bed until even Viagra can't do it no more
I'm just joking, those are bad examples like smoking
I can be very good at provoking,
Creating fire just by stoking,
Fire bending like Prince Zuko,
I've got love for you all, you know?
But it's your own reality that you create and you're not always right
I follow what I read, 'We live by faith, not by sight'

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