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Can you name me somebody rapping, with this much commitment and passion; I bet I’ll match him,
Mapping a path to the cash where the plaques are all platinum or gold like the wrap in a magnum,
I heard this track and I had to attack it, back in my bag like a syllabus packet,
Marching right past any challenge it’s honestly madness to think you’d last in my bracket,
Natural talent, I got that..
All of their rapping could match with a top-hat, must be in all caps,
All that fronting is a drawback, they some pussies to a Bobcat,
Pick up a flow: F-150, switching gears because they’ve been so shifty,
Man you all don’t wanna step up with me, not when it gets to sticky,
But I gotta bypass any White Castles I drive past, cuz the beef gets you side tracked from the right path,
If I just wait a little like a dime bag, I can create the vision like an IMAX,
Lemme hear you say I can’t rap with my white ass, write in my pad late hours like a night class,
See through my foes like a spy glass, hijack the game without batting an eyelash,
Never ask someone to pity me, that’s how I found the loophole in infinity,
Bless the track like Holy Trinity, but never claiming Divinity; riddle me this,
Where else you seen his ability, how many rappers display this agility,
I’m the epitome of how to give people shit, that’ll make ‘em wanna listen willingly, that was a lot;
I make it jump like a Jack in the Box when I’m back in the spot,
Hatching a plot, if you thought I wouldn’t last at the top, I haven’t forgot.

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