Devil FT Ariel

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Tha devil tryna take bitches soul
Lossin control
We ain’t got time to play a role
Dats how we roll
demons comin out at night to haunt us
It really ain’t no fuss
We rlly like to cuss
I ain’t thinkin twice
Ain’t tryna act nice
Ain’t dyin at a young age
I’m feelin tha rage
Can’t put me inna cage
Demon in disguise
Usin a tracking device
Can’t put trust in all deze bitches
Ion treat a fucked up hoe wit kindness
Got trust issues
Nun of dat shit continues
Don’t have many values
Ion got time to argue wit tha lamez
Make a hoe go up in flames
Blood coming from ha veins
Like a vampire at night
We came here to fight
you thought u was gonna live
Dats how life is
We don’t take a break
Tha devil is a demons master
they are like a gangster
They run faster
It’s always a disaster
Feels like we livin in tha afterlife
Feels like a fantasy buts it’s actually reality
Ion need nobody apology
Demons are psycho
We always toutin dat draco
All I hear is a fuckin echo
Tha lamez goin to hell
I knew they was gonna fail
Ain’t goin to Jail
Y’all bitches lookin pale
Taken souls everywhere they go
you can’t think twice
It’s a price u gotta pay
It could happen any day
Ariel Verse
A nigga really tired, I got so much in my mind People still hating so I stepped outta line The devil rose up, but we get along fine I saw you calling my phone, so I hit decline Fuck it, I need some faith, I need it really bad I made many sacrifices, but in the end I'm still sad I owe it to my friends, they've helped me through this war I've fighting with the devil, lately I've been sore Headaches every night, I can never go to sleep I have to look forward to despair week after week I'm lost at words, the devil has control of me I'll make it out, then finally I can be free

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