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I'm itching and twitching like a literal schizo
Beginning to think that I'm living a shit show
With limitless clips of cringe and crypto
No intro, no info, no infinite window
I'm Crazy undercover, straight out the get to
But I'm slick with a flick of the wrist and a twist throw
They can call me a pussy, Im aware of how this goes
"You got nine lives, I carry six souls"
I'm better than the others, still falling all the time-uh
Gender swapped plumber brother, call me Lui-gina
I'm so fine, I don't require a spine,
I can spit up saliva, and they'd STILL want mine
I'll redefine divine, writing genuine rhymes
If my life's on the line, I'll decide to decline
But I know I won't die when I'm slyer than death
If I'm broken and hopeless, why resurrect
Even at my goal percent, there's no effect
I'm just a bunch of slow defects and no respect
Loading when I should reset, there's no hood to rep
There's no good that I should expect
I lack talent, skill, and my own damn will
Absence of actions will balance the thrill
Maximum output
Relaxing and Standing still
But i'm Trapped like an animal
All my attacks are trash, they come back to me
I'm an actual tragedy,
happening magically, alchemy
I'm hanging off the balcony of reality
East side, west side, i don't need it
Up down, left, right, I'm a speed it
Time depleted, lines repeated, completed
Tonight I'll deny I'm not needed

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