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Living my life in the limits was boring,
That didn’t give me endorphins,
Tryna [go pro], had to get to [recording],
Give me the torch, all my syllables scorching,
Fourth and inches, imma get ‘em to forfeit,
I’m ‘bout my [business], feeling so [corporate],
I know they wanna defeat us,
[I took] ‘em [out early] like giving [abortions],
And my lil baby so thick, but I grip on her waist and I swear she could fit in a corset,
Whole bunch of critics, be listing opinions, as if that shit was important,
Don’t give a fuck like a Christian or Mormon,
I’m at this shit ‘til like six in the morning,
So don’t approach me if you not the homie,
Can’t [deal] with you unless it is an [endorsement].

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