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With the xxx and the 666
I been blowing out brains
I been loading up clips
I kill every pussy gangsta with the bullet hole shit
But the police never catch me cuz the court systems a botch
I ain't complaining though
Outta jail with a hoe
Cops telling me go slow
I tell em duck it gotta go
Lemme change the flow
All these bitches tryna keep my down
But instead I buzz myself and smoke the whole darn pound
Ya now I'm known for violence known for drugs around my town
Just so you know none of that bullshit is true
I sorta want a cleaner reputation just for you
You don't need that weight up on your shoulders that'd be screwed
Quit blowing up my phone
When I'm in the fucking zone
I'm tryna write these raps whenever I'm alone
My skills gotta get honed
All these pussy rappers get the full outa my home
If u don't I pull the gun and knock the brain right out your dome
Mixing up the damn juice with the oxycodone
Gang gang bitch all these raps gon be my own

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