that funny type of guy

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well hello there woo hoo im a funny type a guy you know what I mean?
yup i'm a funny type of guy don't ask why because im sleep deprived HAHA
I walk along the streets handing out balloons to the tiny little children
and then I crack a joke and they dont even laugh ill show them
even though i'm the funniest guy on this side of town oh trust me
I'm a funny kinda guy don't ask why because i'm sleep deprived HAHA
hey you I have a joke to tell here it issssss
why did the chicken cross the road? because he wanted to get ot the other side HAHA
you see im a funny guy don't ask why because im sleep deprived HAHA
you see nothing gonna on her just look at me HAHA HAHA HAHA
oh yes im the funniest guy in the world HAHAH
oh yes funny man HAHAHAHA
you wonder where I camp out? the circus with big red tents and extra funny elphants
losing sleep whilst I lose my mind
well thats all for me im out ah yes im so funny aren't I?

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